Lynne Fitzharris

Driving Instructor
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Myself Lynne Fitzharris

As a Driving Examiner, I have carried out thousands of Driving Tests. I can honestly say that most people fail their test because they’re not fully prepared, it’s not all about a few lessons and hopefully a quick pass. It’s about making sure that you’ve covered all the key skills to the standard required for Safe Driving for Life.

DVSA deliver over 1.8 million driving test per year. During my role as Assistant Chief Driving Examiner, I was responsible for carrying out Quality Assurance (QA) and over all testing activities and categories across DVSA.

This involved me ‘sitting in the back’ of a car, when a candidate is on their actual driving test, making sure examiners are doing their job properly. This involved over 1,800 examiners across 400 Diving Test Centre locations across England, Scotland and Wales, more locally those driving test centres that include both Bury and Bolton.

Being able to drive on your own opens up a whole new world of independence. It’s important that before you apply for your practical test you’re not only ready to pass, but are prepared for a Lifetime of Safe Driving.

Here at Lifetime Driving Standards, we can show the key skills you need to know, understand and master before taking your test. You need to be capable of driving consistently, without help or prompting, before you take and ‘pass’ your practical test.

The key to ‘passing your driving test’ is gaining ‘safe driving skills’ through effective learning and plenty of practice. Our Instructors at Lifetime are fully qualified and have been trained to DVSA’s ‘highest’ standard. (Yes, by me, and I do say so myself). You should aim to gain experience driving in varying traffic conditions, on different types of road and under a wide range of differing weather conditions.

Please get in touch, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the driving test, and how to pass, in particular the skills involved for Safe Driving for Life.