Roger Bowden

Driving Instructor
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Myself Roger Bowden

After being a Customer Services Manager for over 30 years, I decided to change career and move into driver tuition. I am an extremely customer focused person and will do all in my power to build a professional working relationship with each pupil.

I commenced my Driving Instructor Training with one of the national companies and passed my Part 1 & 2 very quickly and on the first attempt. I moved from the national company to Lynne Fitzharris for my my Part 3 training as I believe the quality was second to none. After completing my Part 3 training and passing the final exam, I accepted Lynne’s offer to come and work within this family franchise as I believe it offers the best level of tuition for any new driver.

I am looking forward to meeting new pupils and teaching the lifetime skills you will need to make you a safe driver for life!