Ruth Case

Driving Instructor
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Myself Ruth Case

Hello! I’m Ruth, a Driving Instructor here at Lifetime. After working in an “office job” role for most of my working life, I was given the opportunity of becoming a Driving Instructor – I knew this “job” would be completely different from anything I’d ever done…and I was right! The job satisfaction is second to none and the fact that I can pass on one of the most important life skills is something I’m quite proud of.

I passed all my tests to become an Approved Driving Instructor with flying colours, culminating in a Grade A qualification. I personally LOVE driving, I love the freedom it gives me so I’m more than happy to be able to teach people and pass on this skill!

I personally believe that people learn best when they feel relaxed, comfortable and accepted and this is the kind of environment I aim to provide in every single lesson I teach. Your driving lessons should be something you look forward to, enjoy and at the end of every lesson with myself, you will have a sense of accomplishment…as well as having had a fun lesson!